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so i slept on my parents bed this morning after they'd left for work and i felt pretty good after only sleeping 5 hours. usually when i sleep in my bed i feel like crap when i get 8 to 12 hours of sleep. maybe I'm getting too much sleep? or my mattress is crap.

I was going to do my gym sampler starting last week but I don't have the motivation to take the bus to UCR so i can print out the free pass for the gym. haha I'm clearly ready to buy a gym membership. but I figure I can get about 4 to 6 weeks for free using the free passes from a bunch of the local gyms.

I've had to give away my last two shifts at the theater because I've had training for the restaurant. I hope they don't fire me or something. I think my probation period is over.

I saw harry potter last night. finally. I love that actors are willing to make brief appearances to help create this world even if they don't have a line or just a couple. for some reason I really noticed that with Veronica Mars too.

one of my first things I'm gonna with my first couple of paychecks is shop and buy a car. I have awful credit but some car manufacturers have special offers for college graduates. so we'll see. otherwise, I'll try to get a new used car. I'm so sick of hoopties.

I thought the chevy I was driving was awful until I drove the ford I got handed, that is. this ford is so worn. it got some attention to get it running and safe... or relatively safe anyhow. the brakes will slip which is scary but my dad says to just pump it twice and then brake... still slips. usually there's a point when you're pressing the accelerator where you will just cruise at the same speed. but apparently that has slipped on the ford so i can either accelerate or coast and lose speed. the first few times i was driving it I thought i was cruising at the same speed and then i realized i was going 50 in a 35. kinda crazy.
Just making a list for myself so I don't forget:

Eternal Sonata
Demon's Souls
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
White Knight Chronicles
Resonance of Fate
Enchanted Arms
Valkyria Chronicles
Last Rebellion

The Salted Pig

I started training at the restaurant on Friday. They keep making us do these icebreaker exercises so that we'll learn each other's names but I can only remember the boys' names. Go figure. There's two Daniels that's really cute and hipster-y. And a ginger James.

We went over the menu and beer and wine lists yesterday. This place is going to be pretty awesome.

Yeah, this is the most interesting thing to happen to me since I graduated.
Well. Moved back to my folks' house sometime in October. S'alright.

So my brother Erik has changed in the 2 years I've been gone. Maybe it's because he was the youngest of four boys but he was incredibly immature. He's actually an okay kid now. He's joined wrestling, he's doing better in school, he can actually socialize with peers... I dunno what happened but I'm sorta surprised.

He's also the tallest in the family now along with the second youngest, Richard. Adrian is still the shortest and I'm 5'6''. My mom now has diabetes and my dad now has a bum knee. Adrian moved out with his girlfriend who is not pregnant, thankfully. Richard is going to go to some sort of school to be a music producer or something such thing.

I finished my training for the movie theater last week. And I just got hired as a busboy for a new restaurant that's going to be opening in downtown Riverside. So hopefully I'll be able to save up money.

Not sure when I'm going start on my teacher credential, if I'm gonna wait til the fall of '11 or fall or spring of '12. I'd initially wanted to stay in California, going to school near and living in Long Beach... but Pittsburgh is still drawing me in. And if I did move I could just go for half a year or I could stay and get a credential there and teach in PA.

The people I knew during and after high school have all pretty much moved away, to San Diego or Portland, OR. My college roommates moved to San Diego or San Francisco.

And I want to get myself a car. I'm so tired of driving hoopties.

I'm getting rid of a bunch of my clothes because I realized moving to and from Palm Desert that I have way too much shit. I'm also gonna get rid of the cases from my DVD and just consolidate as much as I can into disc holders.

I'm still in the mid 90s on my X-Men endeavor. I just started the Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix limited series.

I finally played and beat Final Fantasy XIII. I was gonna try to get the ultimate weapons but I haven't gotten a single trapezohedron to drop so fuck that shit. I enjoyed the game though. I wanna try final fantasy xiv soon.

Any questions?
I finally beat Jeanne d'Arc today. It was pretty ok. I didn't even pay attention to the ending. something about saving France or some nonsense. gonna try to beat the Final Fantasy I PSP remake.

I'm toward the end of the fourth season of Babylon 5. It's not great but I am entertained by the longer story arcs. It does most of its narrative and dialog work in cliches. I really like the storylines and the character development of Lando and G'Kar. They're probably the best thing about the show. The politics are pretty nifty too. I'm glad I'm watching it at least the once but I dunno that I'd recommend it to most people.

My progress on X-Men is slowing down what with me not being able to watch tv, play videos and read comics simultaneously.
I just started day five of Torchwood's Children of Earth.

I've decided that I'm gonna start Babylon 5 next. I'm kinda excited.

That's all I've been doing for the past 3 weeks. Watching tons and tons of tv. and not much else.

Oh, and reading X-Men, of course. I'm up to June 1993 and there are like 6 X-Men comics:
Uncanny X-Men
X-Men Unlimited

Damn, 7. And I think the Cable series starts up soon.

There's something about Externals in X-Force.
Upstarts in X-Men and Uncanny X-Men.
Excalibur and X-Factor are off doing their own silly thing.

haha The Doctor Whoniverse British Prime Ministers go through some tough shit. I did really like Harriet Jones Prime Minister though.

Dianne Wiest

 So long beach became Buena Park and now Buena Park has been downgraded to moving back in with my folks.

oh well.

Netflix has Stargate: Universe on instant watch so I started that. I was trying to figure out why they made Rush so hateable and then I thought of Gaius Baltar. and then I started to wonder about the history of that type of character. but it's too late for that sort of thing.

I watched Firefly. It was pretty great. I watched season 1 of Veronica Mars. that was pretty great too.

I'm at the early 90s in my mutant comics journey. X-Factor had a much needed and appreciate team change at issue #70-71. The tone is very different from before and definitely a step up. There's now two X-Men teams which necessitated the creation of a new comic, X-Men. Sadly, a lot of shit went down with the New Mutants and that too underwent a change to X-Force.  I shudder looking at it.  Liefield's artwork was popular?! Excalibur was pretty boring for a good while but it picked up for me at #42.

I watched most of Pushing Daisies which was excellent. I kept getting Tim Burton a la Edward Scissorhands flashbacks.

Finished  up 3 seasons of Mad Men. Started In Treatment. 


So I have settled on Long Beach and Cal State Dominguez Hills. I'm through with UCR. I need a change of scenery.

I'm going to try to get out there as soon as possible. I may have to make a pit stop in Riverside and work for a month or two there to save up money while I stay at my parent's place.

mmm plans.

if i knew the right way

So I'm looking at Cal State Dominguez Hills to get my teacher credential. It's near Long Beach and such and doesn't have any prerequisite courses. All the other programs I've checked have courses that you had to have taken at that school to apply and be accepted. It's like "We're glad you're interested in our program, but if you didn't do your undergrad here then you have no chance of coming here." Fuckers.

CSDH have a semester program that would start in the Spring for the Single Subject Student Teaching track which is good. I was hoping to find one with a quarter program that started in the Winter but eh. Well, Cal State San Bernardino has one but I'd rather go anywhere else instead of to San Bernardino.

So this gives me a definite direction to move in. At least back to Riverside to my folks' house at the end of July and then creep my way further West. Maybe try to get a job at Disneyland? haha oh god.

Well, Palm Desert was a nice little side trip. If I'd had a better car and a job I enjoyed I think I would've liked this place more and given it more of a chance but eh. I went up to Palm Springs maybe a handful of times and two of those occasions was to go to the DMV.

I'm coming to the end of the New Mutants. They just finished up their second Asgardian caper. haha. And Rob Liefeld had his first issue as a penciler. yummm. They killed off my crush, Doug Ramsey, Cypher, so I was sort of bugged about that. But at least there's still Warlock. hahaha. For now....

I'm in the early 40s issues of X-Factor. This series is kinda whatever to me. Except for Leech and Artie! I adore them. I really liked the X-Terminators mini series. Boom-Boom is sorta ok, as well.

I'm at issue 250 with the main series. The team is crumbling. Wolverine is off doing lord nows what in his own series. Probably in Madripoor. Ugh. I hate his series. I did like the Havok and Wolverine mini series, Meltdown, though. I liked the art anyway. And it's pared down script.

Ummm oh yeah I almost forgot about Excalibur. mmm what to say? I'm excited about Widget...? Kitty and Nightcrawler are still broken which sucks. I was just skimming toward the end of the Cross-Time Caper. Captain Britain is just pretty fucking boring as a hero. Same as Captain America.

What else... Did I mention I started watching Mad Men? Amazing. I still need to watch the end of Glee, Project Runway, The Office, V and who knows what else. Apparently I need to be watching 30 Rock and Community and Parks and Recreation and Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara and Breaking Bad.



I just started season 3 of Deadwood. I'm not usually interested in period pieces but Deadwood is pretty amazing. I don't what they say or what is going on some of the time. I love the women of Deadwood. So fucking sassy. It has the lady who played the animatronic Mormon mother in Angels in America as Calamity Jane. There's dudes in beards and mustaches abound. There's this one character, Johnny, that I'm fucking enamored with, and I just saw his ivory white ass hanging out of his long john ass flap. This show delivers.

Oh and it has the wife from Caprica as a hooker named Trixie. You see her boobs in the first episode. I felt guilty.


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